So you just ordered a new set of ACS Track-Studs and since they (and the included instruction sheet) have not arrived yet, you are wondering what you might need in the way of tools etc. to install them.   Don't miss the video at the bottom of this page!

What tools will I need?

- Jack Stands
- Brake Cleaner
- Lug Wrench (usually 17 or 19mm)
- Box End Wrench (17 or 19mm)
- Medium (blue) LocTite
- Torque Wrench


  1. Properly support the car on jack stands and remove wheels.
  2. Using brake cleaner, clear the threads in the hub of all grease and shavings.
  3. Place a few drops of medium thread locker on the end of the stud to be installed.
  4. Start studs into hub by hand or use Allen key if studs have a socketed end.
  5. Screw studs in by hand until "Hand-Tight" in the hub.
  6. Final tightening is accomplished by threading two nuts onto a stud, "locking" them together. Using two wrenches, tightening the outer nut against the inner nut and then rotate both nuts and stud together using the outer nut. Studs should be tightened to approximately 15-20 ft/lbs. Note: If you are not familiar with the "2 nut locking" process, please see our videos linked below.
  7. Make sure the stud is fully threaded into the hub. If it did not enter the hub 10-15mm then you may need to lightly chase the hub threads with a thread tap. (eg. 1.5mm)


- Do not use an Allen wrench to remove the studs as doing so may damage the stud.
- Thread two nuts on to a stud and "lock" them together.
- Then use a wrench on the nut closest to the hub to loosen and remove stud.

Please see the ACS Stud Kit installation video below for illustration on how to install the studs.  More videos can be found on our YouTube or Facebook pages.

How to Install Video: